Hello World!

Hi! I am Akshita, a beginner in information security and an aspiring pentester. Thank you for taking out time to read my first blog where you can get to know me and where I come from. It wasn't easy for me to come this far, but I persevered and managed to come this far.

So without further adieu,

Here’s my story….

A quick back story


I come from the queen of hills- “Shimla” where I completed my education. Although I miss that weather and scenic beauty now, when I was a teenager, all I could dream of was to move to a big city and explore new cultures and people.


Fast forward to college days, where I moved from hills to beaches. Ended up in Mumbai to complete my hotel management degree from IHM Mumbai. Oh, man! I had the best years of my life in Mumbai. Those long walks on Marine drive and street food I still miss!!!!

Anyways, I think I should get back to my story and stop reminiscing so much about Mumbai. (I always tend to do that)

I was selected as an I-Grad (Management Trainee) for IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) and worked in Holiday Inn, Mumbai for 2 years where on successful completion of my MT program (Management Trainee), I was promoted as Assistant Training Manager for the hotel. It was a fast-track way to reach a Manager position so quickly as a fresh graduate from college.

But I wanted more. I decided to explore more and ended up in Delhi to pursue my Post Graduation in Management.


I think you will agree, going back to college from a full-time job is heaven. I felt like I got a second chance and I lived it to the fullest. I completed the course successfully and got a degree from the University of London (my college was affiliated with UOL).

I asked myself “What’s next?” But before I could answer that, I already got multiple job offers from Linked In for the position of Training Manager. And then I moved all the way to Hyderabad to work in Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills.


Hyderabad was an exciting new experience for me. I applied what I learned in my post-management course as well as practical working experience and it helped me become a better trainer. I was heading training for the hotel and handling employee engagement as well. It was a short one-year tenure because fate had other plans for me.


I ended up meeting the love of my life and getting married. Bengaluru was never the city I imagined myself in. But life happens. So, I quit my job because I wanted to spend more time with him and enjoy my new life. Plus, my previous job was hectic and I decided to give myself a break and then decide what I want to do in life.

Why did I quit and not take a break?

Yes, you might be wondering, what made me quit my career at its peak? I was a Training Manager at the age of 24, heading the training department for a 5-star hotel. I was even offered an opportunity to work as a Cluster Training Manager, heading training for two 5-star hotels of a renowned hotel brand. It would have been all uphill post that.

So why then?

Well, as you can deduce from my backstory, I love to take on new challenges and I was moving from city to city looking for that missing piece. When I met my husband, I saw how passionate and focused he was in his career. He quit his comfortable job at the age of 28 just to pursue his dream of starting his own company. When I was on a break from my job, I saw his passion and I realized that I did not have that in my previous job. I decided that I should do something that challenges me further and motivates me to do better. What better than infosec?

How did I end up choosing Infosec?

Due to the epidemic, life turned difficult for everyone including me. Nothing happened as per the plan. Last year just flew by and then this year, it became crystal clear,

“I should become a pentester”

I picked up ‘Web Application Hacker’s Handbook’ (Bible of web application security, that's what all security professionals say and I agree. It helped me lay foundations of Web Application testing), started to read other’s blogs, and started practicing a few attacks. It was fun and gave a boost to my confidence.

P.S. I am not from a computer background so it was all new to me. But then again, It actually made me realize that learning truly never stops. It took some time and effort but I am getting there!

Why did I choose to start blogging?

I chose to use blogging as a way to bring my learning together and write about infosec topics that excite me. It helps me to pick topics that I want to learn while sharing with the community at the same time.

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

I hope to connect with infosec professionals and learn & share with the community.

Stay tuned…

Stay connected!

Twitter: @akshita_infosec

LinkedIn: /akshita-infosec




Yet Another Information Security Enthusiast and an Aspiring Pentester, Former Hotelier.

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Akshita Gupta

Akshita Gupta

Yet Another Information Security Enthusiast and an Aspiring Pentester, Former Hotelier.

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